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Marilyn shows a favourite limerick in her new book "101 Lively Limericks - To Make You Smile."
Marilyn Shows New Book

Marilyn Humphries is an author, tutor and teacher who lives in Brisbane where she runs her "You and Me Tutoring" business turning students' struggles into success stories. Having worked as a Mathematics teacher in schools in N.S.W. and Tasmania, a Primary School teacher in Tasmania and a Distance Education teacher in Queensland, Marilyn has a wealth of experience in engaging with students and developing their skills and confidence. With continuing teacher registration, she continues to mark assessment tasks for some Distance Education students.

Author of "101 Lively Limericks - To Make You Smile"

Marilyn has always enjoyed the sound of the English language and at High School participated in speaking contests and the school's debating team. A love of poetry and well-crafted literature was a natural progression. In recent years, she decided to do some writing of her own.

Drawing on personal experiences, books read and stories shared, Marilyn has written a collection of  original, short and funny poems presented as an illustrated book for children and adults. She has enjoyed the challenge of adapting these to the strict rhyme and rhythm patterns of limericks, each with five lines.

Published in July 2019, "101 Lively Limericks - To Make You Smile" consists of positive and uplifting limericks featuring fascinating people, amazing animals and more. Familiar characters in unlikely situations make the reader smile with understanding, while the simple, slightly quirky illustrations by award winning, Brisbane cartoonist, Phil Judd, capture the humour and are a delight.

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Tutor at "You and Me Tutoring"

Marilyn tutors Primary and High School students, and even adults, in English, Mathematics and a range of other subjects, but not languages other than English. Her main focus is developing higher order thinking skills and making sure that the student understands the concepts underlying the subject at hand.

Working one to one with a student in the "tutoring room" (a converted rumpus room) in her home, Marilyn teaches children to read and to understand what they are reading. She helps them to write stories, prepare essays, deliver speeches and analyse various kinds of texts. Mathematical problems are covered from simple addition to algebra and trigonometry. "Hands on" materials are often used to help student grasp concepts.

Marilyn prefers to work on the areas being studied at school e.g. making sure that the student understands and can do their homework, or on a particular area where students themselves know they need help. When students struggle with understanding what is being asked of them in an assessment task, Marilyn works with them to bring clarity and confidence to complete the task.

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Registered Teacher

In September, 2015, after almost eleven years full-time in Distance Education (D. E.) in Queensland, Marilyn resigned from her job as Teacher / Coordinator of Middle Phase in D. E. at Groves C. C. to set up her business, "You and Me Tutoring." During her time in D. E. she managed various caseloads of students ranging from Prep to Year 12 in all subjects except Music and languages other than English.

Prior to this she taught High School Mathematics in Newcastle, N. S. W., and in Tasmania. After a break raising a young family, Marilyn undertook further studies and became a Primary School Teacher in Tasmania for seven years.

Marilyn has retained her registration with Q. C. T. and since May, 2017 has been employed as a casual Teacher / Marker by Jubilee C. C. marking assessment tasks for Distance Education students.

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