Alpaca Limerick Voted Number 1!

Alpaca wearing a poncho and Peruvian lady's hat
What is it about Alpacas? Is it that they look a little strange with their long necks, yet seem very cute and cuddly? When two Teacher-Librarians, Megan Daley and Kerrie Stewart, generously gave of their time to write reviews of “101 Lively Limericks – To Make You Smile,” both mentioned the limerick entitled “Alpaca.”  Both teachers share a passion for instilling a love of reading in school students. Here is what they had to say.
Megan Daley’s Review

“Marilyn Humphries has crafted a collection of limericks which will make young readers smile, help them to understand the structure of a well composed limerick and have them itching to create their own.

With limericks on every topic imaginable, there is a limerick for every young poet to connect with – our family favourites are ‘Hairdresser’s’, ‘Alpaca‘, ‘Sportsmanship’ and ‘Peacocks’.
An experienced teacher and now tutor, Marilyn Humphries clearly understands what children want to read and illustrations by Phil Judd add a colourful pop every few pages to keep reader interest high. ‘101 Lively Limericks’ is a refreshingly upbeat collection of limericks for school libraries, classrooms and families.”
Megan has her own website “Children’s Books Daily” which you can access here or copy and paste .
Kerrie Stewart’s Review
“Limericks are one of the most fun and familiar poetic forms. They are short and rhyming, with a bouncy tune that makes them both enjoyable and easily accessible to those both young and old alike.

Marilyn Humphries book of limericks stays true to its word offering the reader “101 Lively Limericks To Make You Smile”. Divided into four sections; Amazing Animals, Fascinating People, Nursery Rhymes and Engaging Observations, this book has topics to interest everyone. As an animal lover, “Adopted Dogs” hit just the right note as I envisaged ten dogs of every shape and size piled onto their new owners’ bed and any experienced motorist can relate to steering clear of the L- plate driver in “Learner Driver”. Each page is complimented with colourful illustrations by cartoonist, Phil Judd. Again, I particularly loved the cheeky faces on the animals especially the alpaca who lived in Peru!

The author has also provided a brief history of the origin of limericks and outlined the structure of the poems, thus providing the novice writer with the guidelines to ‘dip their toe’ into creating this quirky form of prose.

Ultimately, this delightful collection of limericks is begging to be read aloud or enjoyed privately to simply get you giggling.”

Kerrie Stewart, Teacher-librarian, Master of Education (Teacher-librarianship).

My Favourites

“Alpaca” is my favourite followed by “Adopted Dogs” and “Sunbaking Lizard.” However, I love Phil Judd’s drawings of “Jack Sprat,” “Octopus” and of course the “Man With a Kite” on the cover. My husband is keen to show everyone his favourite, the “Fire Alarm,” because it is a true story about himself. All of the limericks were such fun to write and my hope is that many people will read them, enjoy them and share them with others. The book can be obtained from this website using PayPal, a credit card or direct deposit.

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