Break Through Spelling Barriers

A student arranges words in columns according to the visual patterns of words containing the Long I sound.sttern
Help your child to be a good speller. A systematic, student-centred, active approach is used at You and Me Tutoring for phonics, vocabulary and spelling instruction.

How does this work? Students complete a Spelling Inventory which is analysed to give a starting point for word study. They discover how words work by engaging in ‘hands-on’ activities such as the ‘word sort’ pictured above which focuses students’ attention on the sound, pattern and meaning of words. Instruction occurs at each student’s pace with progress through the developmental stages being constantly monitored by the tutor.

For Reading, Comprehension, Grammar, Punctuation, Vocabulary extension and Writing, in fact for any kind of English help, private English tutoring is available in our tutoring centre at 21 Cresthaven Drive, Mansfield. Maths tutoring and Essay-writing help are also available.

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