Reading and Writing – Key Skills Still!

Does your child need extra help with reading and comprehension or with composing a sentence, paragraph, story or essay? Our caring tutors work with one student at a time providing strategies for developing the needed skills in all aspects of English in a supportive learning environment.

Students who struggle with reading and spelling usually benefit from a multi-sensory, direct instruction approach including a structured phonics and spelling rules program. Our tutors also attend to development of oral (speaking) and aural (listening) skills as these underpin writing and communication skills.

Our students are encouraged to read and discuss quality literature, extend their vocabulary and write with purpose and passion using correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

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2 thoughts on “Reading and Writing – Key Skills Still!

  1. Supportive learning environment is vital for today’s children. We have seen students who don’t know basics of study but want to succeed at something in the future. This proves lack of knowledge and improper assistance. Tutoring should provide fun, motivating with real time examples so that they have more scope of learning opportunities.

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